Monday, 29 October 2012

Circus Boy 5 - Light My Fire

About 6.30 Thursday morning I decided that as I wasn't going to get much sleep anyway, I might as well get up, and I was soon followed downstairs by Son, who was badgering me to wake up Circus Boy cos he wanted to talk to him. So about 8.30 I did, with tea and toast cos I am nice like that. This was when the bed broke (really), and Circus Boy was very apologetic despite it not having been him who had broken it - except that he probably was quite a lot to do with it, and it was quite old. Oh, and something I really like about him is that every time he's stayed at mine, without fail he has made the bed, even putting the cushions all back on it. I know this sounds mad, but I'm not used to it. And he swills out his tea cup and leaves it to drain. Even though I have a dishwasher.

There was about half an hour before I had to leave, and Circus Boy was being really kind to Son, playing with him, drawing eyes on his hands (as you do), showing him some tricks and both of them were trying to persuade me not to go to work - but I was not to be persuaded cos I love my work and I am actually very conscientious. But I was very tempted. Then he asked me if I could go to open mic night with him that evening at a local pub. Initially I said no, cos I didn't have a babysitter and Son didn't want to go to his Dad's cos he was going on holiday with him on Friday morning (so it would have made sense for him to go there, but hey, that's kids...). Then Son suggested Heather - but it was such short notice. So I said I would phone her and I would come if she could babysit. Eventually Circus Boy cycled off, and I set off to drop Son at holiday club. As we turned the corner, I had a little smile to myself cos all the bus queue were watching Circus Boy unicycling down the road. The novelty of it never wore off for me.

Got to work, and first thing to do was phone Heather (priorities, see). The little star said of course she would babysit, and so once that was sorted I got down to the hard work of having a cup of tea made by the residence staff. (I should point out that I do actually work quite hard, but the holidays are a somewhat slower pace as lots of the residents go to stay with their parents - which is lucky or I may well have died of exhaustion that Thursday and never made it to open mic night).

That evening, after a bit of a rush visit to take my Mum to see my Dad in hospital, and after repairing the bed with gaffa tape, I was getting ready when Heather arrived. Then Circus Boy phoned to check everything was ok, and I said yea, and, 'ooh, by the way, what number house are you, cos I might not recognise it?'

'41. The one with the Aston Martin parked outside'

Now I know it's his parents' house, and I know that's not his own car, but even so. A James Bond car!

When I arrived at the house, he wasn't dressed (this will develop into a bit of a theme), but opened the door wearing a towel, because he was on his way to have a shower, having been busy SLEEPING all day! But he gave me  a glass of wine while I waited, and then we got his fire stuff and set off to the pub.

When we walked in, I was a little taken aback when one of the people he knew there said, 'oh, you've got ANOTHER one, Circus Boy!' Then to me he said, 'he's always got a pretty girl on his arm, this one.'

Has he indeed? But I didn't let it bother me, and we had a really good night. He did his fire thing, the first time I'd seen him perform, and I have to say that watching a half-naked bloke juggling fire is THE BEST foreplay. Then he did some guitar, and then we went back to his to drop off the fire stuff, before stumbling off home, because he'd somehow managed to ply me with a substantial amount of wine whilst we were out, and again, having a bloke pay for me is a pretty new experience, and one I could get used to quite easily.

Got back and drunkenly re-introduced him to Heather, and she was off quite quickly because the evening had gone so fast that it was gone midnight and I hadn't realised.

Of course, this didn't mean bedtime for Circus Boy, so I sat and drank some more wine, while he sat and smoked and took ketamine. Yup, you read that right. And maybe this should have rung alarm bells, but it really didn't, because although I can't explain it, whatever he felt like doing always seemed perfectly fine to me. He could probably have got out works and cranked in front of me and I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. Except that Circus Boy has a very strange view on drugs, and would never do heroin because 'you just can't source the pure stuff any more' and 'you have to be careful about what you put in your body'. So horse tranquilliser it is then!

Before we went to bed, he inspected my repair, and said it was pretty good, but probably wouldn't stand up to proper testing, but he had some electrical tape which would probably do the job a bit better, and he said he'd bring some around. But when we tested the repair, it was surprisingly robust, and the bed stayed intact right through to the next morning, so gaffa tape must be stronger than wood.

Now I have to admit that by this time I was quite keen on Circus Boy. Not just the sex, but the chat, the daft things he would sometimes come out with, his funny outlook on the world, the way he smelled even. Not aftershave - him. And paraffin. And the way we would stay snuggled up together all night. Until Steve, I'd never done this with anyone, because it was claustrophobic. I'd thought I'd never want to be held all night by anyone except him, but Circus Boy proved that this wasn't true. Circus Boy was cuddly. Well, in a bony sort of way. And even though he was so hairy it was practically fur, all of a sudden that was very attractive too.

Next morning I got up and saw Son off with his dad and step-family, then went back to bed. Although I had to get up to go to lunch with Heather and Sue, which was a shame, cos I felt like I was always hurrying Circus Boy out.

And then he did the most amazing thing. He brought me a cup of tea in the bath. After all the Steve crap, this was like... I don't know... I'd forgotten what it is like to be with someone considerate - or maybe just NORMAL. At that moment I was so surprised, and irrationally felt so cared for, that I almost burst into tears.

Then as I was putting on my make-up, he was clowning around in the garden, walking on his hands and doing cartwheels and stuff. That morning in the sunshine, it was like all the rubbish with my parents just didn't even exist. I felt the happiest I had since Dad had been taken into hospital; no, the happiest I had felt in AGES.

He left just before me, and it was really sweet cos he was stood on the doorstep chatting and cuddling and kissing for ages, and he said he wanted us to go out that evening to the club Dean had been going on about. I still wasn't very keen, and said I probably wouldn't be going, as I didn't think Heather and Sue would want to go. So he said he'd phone and see what I was up to later.

I went off to lunch and I must have been just full of it, cos although I still knew nothing could come of this, and although nothing had really changed, I was feeling a little bit infatuated, and a lot in lust.

I didn't go out that evening, cos apart from anything else, I needed some sleep and also, as I said to Circus Boy, 'we've seen eachother every day since Wednesday, I don't want you to get bored with me.'

'Oh no, I don't think that would ever happen,' said Circus Boy.

Or would it?

To be continued......

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