Thursday, 25 October 2012

Circus Boy 4 - Hatman Returns

So I waved my son off on a weekend away with his Dad, and wandered back into the house to hear my phone ringing. As you've probably guessed it was Circus Boy. After deliberating for all of, ooooh, a microsecond, I answered. I was a little cagey with him at first, turns out he was phoning from a service station while his 'friend' got petrol. But the thing is, he is just so bloody CHARMING! Although the other thing is that he NEVER gives you a straight answer to a question. So when I asked him, 'so what happened to you?' he didn't actually say - just talked about how busy he had been and his anti-Olympics demonstration that was apparently in the paper. Presumably his fingers had dropped off too, cos texting takes about a minute, phoning even less time. I didn't say this though, cos of the aforementioned charm completely winning me over and having me sitting in my garden smiling like a really smiley thing.

So then he says, 'why don't you come and meet me? If you can get to the festi tomorrow, I can probably get you in.'

'Oh yes, Sunny Jim, I'm gonna go travelling to the back of beyond on the off chance that you, unreliable as you are, are going to be there to meet me. Hmmm. And by the way, WHY HAVEN'T YOU CONTACTED ME ALL WEEK!'

In my dreams. Of course, I didn't say that at all. Instead I said, 'you know what Circus Boy? Thing is, when I hadn't heard from you by Thursday, I just assumed that you weren't interested, so now I'm busy all weekend, which is a shame, cos I really would have liked to have gone, but I'm a busy person, I have lots of friends, I'm not able to keep weekends free just on the off chance.'

Did I have anything planned? Did I heck as like, I spent the whole weekend cleaning and watching DVDs. But hey, you have to set your boundaries. You can't let people think you are an option whenever they have nothing and no-one better to do, or that you can be left on a back-burner because you'll drop everything when they call.

So yes, I had my quiet little weekend, mostly because I thought this really wasn't going to work out, that he was bound to cop off with some nubile hippie-fairy girl and that would be that.

Then Sunday evening he phoned! YAY!!! We chatted for ages, he was telling me all about his festival adventures, the workshops he'd been to, the people he'd met, and then his phone died, but I didn't mind, cos he must have been thinking about me. I texted him to say have a good rest of Festival, and maybe I'd see him when he was back.

Then about 1am he phoned again! He'd re-charged the phone and so we chatted for about another hour, about all sorts of stuff this time, although he was repeating himself quite a lot - but hey, that's festivals for you I suppose. When we said goodbye, he kept on repeating he'd call me when he was back from the festival tomorrow.

Did I hear from him the next day? Well, what do you think? Of course not, not a dickie-bird. Did I hear from him Tuesday? I think you can guess the answer to that one too, can't you?

So Wednesday morning Son and I were just about to leave to take Mum shopping and to the hospital when there was a knock at the door. No, it wasn't Circus Boy.

It was Dean, a friend of Steve's, asking if I knew where Steve was. I told him we weren't together, but that the last time I'd heard from him was when Aberystwyth Police phoned me asking about various old Sim card phone numbers that he used to use. I have no idea why, but the person contacting me was the custody sergeant, so when Steve completely stopped stalking me from then on, I made the educated guess that he was banged up again, cos he was out at license at that point anyway.

Dean was a bit surprised that we weren't together, because last he'd heard form Steve was about how much he loved me and how we were going to give it another go and how he was going to get clean and not blow it this time. I told him about how when Steve got out of prison he immediately got so drunk and off his head that he was paralytic when he got around here - and my ex-husband was about to arrive to pick up Son, so I just shoved him into my bedroom to sleep it off. He then got up in the middle of the night to throw up out of my bedroom window, yet thought I was being unreasonable when I said I had no desire to live like that and he could sling his hook. Luckily for Steve, his best mate let him go and live with him. Steve repaid him by sleeping with his girlfriend. That's how nice he is (that is also a whole other story that may be coming to this blog at some later date). So Dean was going on about what an idiot, how I was the best thing that had happened to him ever etc etc (that was true at least!), and then he headed off. As I closed the door, I said to Son, 'something tells me that's not the last I've seen of him.....' This was not a prospect I relished particularly, because although Dean is ok, he's a friend of Steve's and to me that tells you all you need to know about a person, cos Steve is poison.

Anyway, I'd forgotten all about this by the evening, then just after Son had gone to bed, the phone rang. This WAS Circus Boy. He was in the Co-op wondering if he could come round and see me, and what wine could he bring? See, this is what happens. I end up agreeing to things he wants because although he doesn't exactly persuade me, he somehow makes it impossible to say no. So he turned up and he was possibly even more cute and even more excitingly charming than I remembered, and we were getting on like a house on fire when there was a knock on the door. Now by this time it was about 11, and we were, umm, 'getting ready to go to bed', but then the door knocked again, and I thought I'd better get it cos it could be the Police. Or Steve, but by now I knew that Circus Boy could easily see off Steve, cos he was about twice his height and just as scrappy.

It was Dean. I should have guessed really. He was asking if I wanted to go out with him and some mates on Friday, and so I said that I might if my friends wanted to go too, and was taking his number when Circus Boy came to see what was going on - and it turns out they knew eachother :-O So I ended up inviting Dean in, and we sat and chatted for about another two hours. I say chatted, it was more a meeting of the Karen Fan Club, as the two of them kept going on and on about how lovely and wonderful I was, trying to outdo eachother on just how bloody nice they thought I was. It was torture :-DD

Oh, but they were both quite excited about this Friday night out thing, and apparently Circus Boy had something about it on his Facebook, and he suggested I log on and show Dean. OOPS! So I had to admit that I had unfriended him the previous week, because 'I thought you weren't interested, and no-one wants random shags on their Facebook, do they?' He said he supposed not, and I foolishly carried on filling in the silence by continuing, 'and I wouldn't want you to think that I'm at all stalkerish'.

'Ok....' says Circus Boy, uncertainly, 'we'll cross that off the list of possibilities then....'

The night wore on and THEN Dean said something about 'all that shit with S_' (one of Steve's exes that he basically used to try to make me jealous) as if I knew all about it. Initially I thought he meant her mental illness and how she used to attack Steve, so I said something about how he probably deserved it. But the look on his face told me that it wasn't that. So then it all came tumbling out about how Dean had a threesome with S_ and Steve. Now this actually made me feel a bit sick. I'm not a prude, but at my age I don't think it is unusual to find that sort of thing a bit distasteful. But what really upset me was that S_ was very vulnerable - she was supposedly schizophrenic, she was definitely seriously unhinged, and I certainly don't think she was in a fit state to make a choice to have sex with two men at any point in her relationship with Steve. Honestly, the girl was mega-disturbed. Of course, taking advantage of a fragile girl was exactly the sort of thing Steve would do. And video. Sicko.

I ended up saying all this because Circus Boy had initially opined that it wasn't unusual for him and his friends to share girls. He got one of those, 'don't you ever try that with me, Matey-Boy,' looks off me, and I filed this away for future reference under the growing category of 'reasons why Circus Boy is not a good idea'.

It then became impossible to get rid of Dean. I don't mean that he wouldn't take the hint - I mean that even though I had several times said, 'it's time to go Dean, I'm chucking you out' he just carried on sitting there. In the end he said to Circus Boy, 'shall we go now?' and Circus Boy said, 'erm, I'm staying here with Karen, mate'. Well, that wasn't at all awkward. Especially as Dean then insisted on apologising for about another half an hour.

'Good God, ' said Circus Boy when he'd gone, 'I thought we were never going to get rid of him. Now where were we....'

We were just beginning a night of unbridled lust and passion is where we were, and I am proud to announce that we actually broke my bed. Though I should also announce that it actually broke when I sat on it the next morning as I brought him tea and toast. But this could only have been due to it being terminally weakened in the hours before. And I mean hours. God, I love that about young men.

But anyway, even though I haven't quite finished the story of this appearance of Circus Boy,  I shall do that next time as I have to go and do motherly things now. Like get in the bath and drink wine, probably.

To be continued......

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