Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Emergency Circus Boy

So Friday came around, and so did the snow. And Snow. And SNOW. So about 11.30 I decided to admit defeat, cancel my birthday drinks and go for lunch with Heather and my Son, who was out of school at 12.30. Thus it was that by 8pm I was fairly tipsy. And alone, as son had been picked up by his dad.

So what does a girl do when she is alone and tipsy? Well, phone Circus Boy in hopes of a random shag is what. To further explain, I was a bit miffed cos I'd texted him on Tuesday to ask him along to my birthday drinks, and it had never been delivered. So it was no surprise when his phone went straight to answering message. But undeterred, I phoned his house.

Of course, Circus Boy's mother was the only one in, but we had a lovely conversation where she told me he was in Wales, and she didn't know when he would be back, and we generally discussed him and how nice it was to hear me too.

Well, there was only one thing for it - to FB message him. I sent him a message about the snow, and where was he, and to get in touch, and then rambled on about the Stone Roses for some unknown drunken reason :-O. I also sent him the long-awaited FB friend request.

Of course, come Saturday morning, I was mortified at all of this, and could think of nothing worse than him reading the message, or accepting the FR. So I did what every self-respecting woman would do and buried my head in the sand, refusing to even look at FB the whole day. Sunday, I decided I MUST act. I bravely went on FB, and opened the message - saw he hadn't read it, and deleted it. But I wasn't sure it would delete it from his end. And I needed him to not know that I had sent a friend request too (oh the horror! What if he didn't accept it?) - there was only one thing for it - I had to block him totally. It didn't matter as he was obviously ignoring me, the bastard. So I did.

Whilst I was discussing this at work today, I then remembered that the last time Circus Boy was here, he was telling me about going to stay with this bloke in Wales who was involved in some music thing he was doing, and he was wondering whether to go, not least because there was no reception or broadband there - but then that could be a good thing, kind of like a retreat. So, as someone said, 'you sent him a message he hadn't seen, and a text he hasn't picked up, and then you've blocked him and are sitting here slagging him off for not replying?' Oh.

But for the best I am sure. These run-away urges don't come from nowhere, you know! More worryingly - I am now 48 - when do I start acting like a responsible adult?

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